Course Dates

ID is required for ALL registrations. UK Seamen – ID AND their Nat Ins numbers. All other Seamen – Passports AND their Seaman’s books.

Mandatory and refresher courses approved by SEAFISH and the MCA to STCW  (F) requirements.

We can do ad hoc courses but need a minimum of 4 trainees.

23 September 09.005 Day Watch keepingFraserburgh0.00
14 October 09.00STCW EFAFraserburgh0.00
15 October 09.00Seafish Fire FightingFraserburgh0.00
16 October 10.00STCW PST (Sea Survival)Fraserburgh0.00
17 October 09.00Seafish Health & SafetyFraserburgh0.00
18 October 09.00Seafish Safety Awarenessfraserburgh0.00
18 November 09.00STCW EFA Fraserburgh0.00
19 November 09.00Seafish Fire FightingFraserburgh0.00
20 November 10.00STCW PSTFraserburgh0.00
21 November 09.00Seafish Health & SafetyFraserburgh0.00
22 November 09.00Seafish Safety AwarenessFraserburgh0.00
9 December 09.00STCW EFA Fraserburgh0.00
10 December 09.00Seafish Fire FightingFraserburgh0.00
11 December 10.00STCW PSTFraserburgh0.00
12 December 09.00Seafish Health & SafetyFraserburgh0.00
13 December 09.00Seafish Safety AwarenessFraserburgh0.00