The SFT have provided grant assistance for funding training materials relevant to the Seafish and STCW 95 courses.

NEFTA appreciates the funding that has been received .

Many Thanks

NEFTA staff


This is the first time that NEFTA has applied for EMFF funding.Our application has been successful and approved.Having secured this funding, we have been able to buy training apparatus to meet the new Seafish and STCW 95 course criteria.

We are grateful that the amount requested was fully met by the EMFF.

MCA now require anyone doing the Unlimited ticket to complete the AEC1 (Approved Engine Course 1) (30 hour Diesel Course).

Anyone holding the Under 16.5m Limited or Unlimited tickets needs to refresh their Safety Awareness certificate every 5 year to retain it.

Changes to certification will be implemented mid Summer 2017.

Updated information will be added to this site when it is received from the MCA.

STCW95 PST (Sea Survival) will become a mandatory refresher course to conform to the STCW 95 requirements.

EMFF funding application for Scotland has now been approved. Funding now available for various courses and refresher training until 31/03/2018.